Special Programs ReAnima 2019

This year we are very happy and honored to be able to screen films from three partner festivals from around the world: Primanima (Hungary), VOID (Denmark) and Prime the Animation (Spain).
We share values and visions about the animated art and its future.

We will also have a special screening of the best recent films coming out of two of the most prominent animation schools in the world: Supinfocom Rubika and Pole3D. Thanks to Patrick De Carvalho for his contribution.





ReAnima Winners 2nd edition

Congratulations to all the winners.



La Chute / The Fall, Boris Labbé 14:22” France, 2018.

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” 500 years later, or an insight into the mind of an artist seeking the right shape for the idea. The repetitive style of Boris Labbé found here is a perfect form of expression, consistently building – with the perfect symbiosis of images and music – an almost pathos-inducing picture of creation and fall.

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Promoting ReAnima with the World!


Here some moments promoting ReAnima in the last months. Stoptrik Festival in Maribor, Etiuda&Anima, Krakow and Animateka where the director of ReAnima was part of the jury and started the itinerant screenings from our festival. Also special screening for the students of KMD in Bergen.

April 11th we will be screening in Kulturhuset Oslo after Italy and Poland. Keep updated in our FB page.

ReAnima sumary 2017

ReAnima was made with practically 0.00,00 resources. This incredible project was conceived with a great idea, ambition and lot of passion. We received over 300 films all around the world for our competition and chose 100 out of them. Thanks to the outstanding quality of the material received, the competition was really high. In our first edition we had two winners in almost each category because the extraordinary level of the films astonished the jury. We were honoured to have special programs from international festivals and animation networks as Visegrad New Talents, Stoptrik Festival. A very special program with Mexican animated legends in languages almost extinct. We enjoyed the best of the German contemporary animation. In addition this first edition we had a special opportunity to bring together 3 feature films from great directors: The boy and the world by Alê Abreu, ‎Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen by Rasmus A. Sivertsen and The Red Turtle by Michaël Dudok de Wit. In totally more than 145 films screened in 3 days. Well, that is something to start.


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ReAnima edition 2017

The International Animated Film Festival ReAnima is very happy to announce all the winners of this first edition.

Thanks to all the animators that sent their amazing films. We made an incredible program of high artistic quality. Also we want to thank our festival partners and all the people that helped us to make this first edition a real success. As the quality of the films was astonishing, the jury found hard to decide only one winner.

In ReAnima we truly believe that this first edition deserves more that one winner per category because of the quality of the competing works. Congratulations to all the winners and the special mentioned short films. We hope to see you next year in our ReLoaded second edition with the best of international animation in Bergen. Tusen Takk!